In addition to providing training with practitioner friendly state of the art technology for our physician specialists, we also provide training for administrative staff involved in the process.

Our solution is designed to be a highly secure environment. The network platform has integrated electronic health record system practice management, insurance eligibility for claims, billing, and many others function to ensure full practice support. This includes an image grid and PACS system to enable access to, store, and forward CT scans and MRIs images. The system's capacity also allows us to easily expand as we identify additional applications needed.

Our staff provide this service. This advanced, user-friendly scheduling system coordinates all patient / facility / physician / distant learning appointments.

Our front office, mid office and back office team does real time eligibility, claims and secondary claims, claims management, billing etc.

Our comprehensive credentialing program goes beyond the initial certification for employment to better serve our staff, patients and community. It is integrated with our system to allow easy compliance with ELA Health policy and procedures in addition to other regulatory and accreditation requirements and standards. Evaluations of quality of care are done in an ongoing manner (between recredentialling cycles) to better serve our physician specialists.

ELA Health provides 24 hour a day help desk support. The maintenance program and help desk support offers a single point of contact for quick problem resolution.